Frequently Asked Questions

A. Our tours will pick you up from anywhere in Niagara Falls, Canada
A. On our tours you do have to walk, you are not stuck in vehicle for long periods of time, most of the time you are outside taking in the sights. Overall walking is minimal, all of the long distance travelling is covered in a vehicle.
A. If you are driving in we can assign you a pick up location where parking is available.
A. Yes! See-Sight Tours offers this service to anyone! We have personalized tours where you are our priority. All you need to do if you want to add or take out a location is talk to your tour guide or let us know what you would like to change while making the booking.
A. Wear comfortable clothes. It can get cool down by the falls, so a light jacket may be beneficial. There is walking involved so running shoes are recommended.
A. If you have a group of 10 or more, please contact our office
A. Yes, they are available every day, as long as we have enough people. Sometimes in the winter, we don't have enough to operate. If you can not go another day, then we will arrange for another company to take you on the same tour for the same price from the same place and time.
A. We will substitute the Skylon Tower observation level.
A. We will substitute the Skylon Tower, or you can have the extra free time to explore on your own.

About Niagara Falls And It's Attractions...

A. The Hornblower Boat Niagara Falls Boat Cruise operating season is usually the last week of April to November. Opening date varies with the spring thaw weather conditions and could be anywhere between mid April and mid November. For exact dates and times.
A. Hornblower Boat Cruise staff provide each traveler with a plastic raincoat. Your face and feet may get wet, depending on where you stand on the boat.
A. No, the Skylon Tower is located in Niagara Falls. The CN Tower is in downtown Toronto.
A. No, Niagara Helicopters and National Helicopters offers this service. For more details, please visit their sites at and
A. There are 2 companies that offer them: one is approx. 12 minutes and the other a 20 minute ride
A. The Falls are always open.
A. The temperature at Niagara Falls is usually about the same as in Toronto. For the current Niagara Falls weather forecast.
A. Occasionally, you may feel dampness on your clothes. It depends on the weather conditions, and which direction the wind is carrying the spray.
A. Yes. The tours have many stops that allow you to get dramatic photos of multiple views of Niagara Falls. You are encouraged to bring your camera or camcorder along to capture the action.
A. Comfortable walking shoes or sneakers are recommended. It is always a few degrees cooler near the water, so a jacket or sweater is a good idea for cooler days.
A. Your tour price includes ALL attraction and parking fees. You may want to bring some spending money or a credit card with you on your tour as you will be given the opportunity to purchase snacks or souvenirs. Tipping your tour guide is at your discretion.


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