Floral Showhouse

For over 60 years visitors have come to Discover Paradise at this lush oasis, just a short walk from the Niagara Falls. Collections of orchids, succulents and other tropical plant species are on display throughout the year, along with floral shows that reflect the changing seasons. Flying throughout the greenery are colourful tropical birds that may sing for your entertainment!

During the summer months, don't miss the spectacular gardens surrounding the Floral Showhouse, including one of Niagara Parks' extensive rose gardens, ponds and a fragrance garden where plants are identified in Braille for persons who are visually impaired.

Wander along the paths or rest on a bench in the peaceful Artists Garden--you won't believe you are in the centre of the city! Check out our annual displays gallery to see what we've done in the past. With eight shows per year, something new is always in bloom! This serene location is a beautiful setting for an intimate marriage ceremony, wedding photography, or a corporate event. Visit Niagara Parks Weddings or Corporate Events for more information.

The Life of the Titan Arum

The Titan Arum is a giant among plants – both for its massive below ground corm and the world-record heights of its flower. Indigenous to the wild equatorial rainforests of western Sumatra, Indonesia, the Titan Arum grows on steep limestone hillsides on the island at an elevation of 120 to 365 m (390 to 1,200 feet) above sea level. The plant grows from a large underground corm (like an overgrown potato) which stores water and nutrients. As the Titan Arum grows the corm gets larger and after 10 years, when the corm reaches the biggest blooming size, it can weigh a hefty 100 kg (225 pounds) or more.


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